Send a quotation lingerie chat record

Send a quotation lingerie chat record

Background introduction

Recently, I was worried about Valentine’s Day gifts. I originally planned to send some ordinary and practical things, but I saw that some sexy underwear on the Internet was very beautiful. Suddenly I thought whether I could send a sexy underwear to my girlfriend.However, I have a limited understanding of sexy underwear. I do n’t know which style is more suitable for her, so I consulted a sexy underwear expert through recommendation.

Recommend suitable style

Experts suggest that I can consider choosing some more elegant and simple -style sexy underwear, because my girlfriend is more conservative and I don’t like too much teasing styles.She also suggested that I can choose some soft colors, such as pink, light purple, etc. These colors are gentle and suitable for women.

Selection of fabrics and texture

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Experts also emphasize the importance of the fabric and texture of sexy underwear.She suggested that I can choose some underwear with soft fabrics, good skin -friendly, and breathable.Simple style matching better quality can make underwear more comfortable and suitable for wearing.

Selection method of size

Experts remind me that I must pay attention to choosing a size suitable for my girlfriend.She suggested that I can find a more close -fitting clothes in my girlfriend’s usual clothes. See how much the size above, and then I can determine the size of the sexy underwear based on this size.

About the choice of cups

Experts also told me that choosing a cup size according to my girlfriend’s figure is also very important.She suggested that I can judge my girlfriend’s cup size through a simple measurement method, and then choose the appropriate sexy underwear.


According to my girlfriend’s preferences and experts, I have selected several more elegant and special sexy underwear.Among them, an transparent lace material is made of a bra. Although it is more exposed, the color is very elegant and gives a feeling of intimacy; the other is a dark bra, with black stockings, whichLet the whole person look very sexy and charming.

Match a warm greeting card

In order to make the gift more warm, the expert also suggested that I write a greeting card to express her love and blessings for girlfriends, so that she was more meaningful when she received the gift.

Thigh High

About gifts confidentiality

In order to avoid the leakage of gifts, the expert also reminded me to choose a reliable express company, and at the same time indicate the confidentiality of the gift on the courier list to avoid the content of the gift by unnecessary people.

Preparation in advance

Experts remind me again that erotic underwear has strict requirements on sizes, styles, fabrics and other aspects. I do need to prepare in advance in order to choose the appropriate sexy underwear and make Valentine’s Day gifts that make my girlfriend satisfied.


Choose more preparations for sex underwear, and there are many aspects that need to be paid attention to. From various aspects such as fabrics, styles, sizes, cups, etc., we can carefully select sexy underwear suitable for girlfriends.Rather than holding the Buddha’s feet temporarily during Valentine’s Day, it is better to prepare in advance to make your girlfriend feel your intentions and love.