Selling underwear in the United States

Selling underwear in the United States

1. The status quo of the American sex underwear market

With the increase of people’s openness, the demand for sex underwear in the US market has increased year by year.According to market research, in 2019, the market size in the US sex underwear reached 1.3 billion U.S. dollars, and this trend is still growing steadily.

2. Funeral underwear sales channel analysis

In the US market, sexy underwear sales channels are diversified.In addition to traditional physical store sales, online sales are also an important way of sales.Consumers who buy sexy underwear on the Internet can choose their favorite styles and brands in a larger scale, and also have a more convenient and fast purchase method.

3. Introduction to sexy underwear categories

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The variety of sexy underwear in the US market is very rich. In addition to traditional suspenders, thongs, and straps, there are more sexy underwear styles.Among them, the more popular categories include lace series, naked sleeping series and sexual jumpsuits.

4. Key consumer groups of sexy underwear sales

The sales target group of sex underwear has shifted from the past men to the current female community.At present, female consumers’ demand for sexy underwear is more urgent than men, especially female consumer groups aged 20 to 40.

5. The development trend of sexy underwear sales

With the improvement of people’s quality of life, the demand for sexual life is becoming more and more diversified and diverse.Therefore, the sales and demand in the sex underwear market will continue to grow, and the mainstream consumer groups will further transfer to the younger generation.

6. Fun underwear brand analysis

In the US sexy underwear market, brand distribution is also very diverse.From high -end to low -end, from international brands to local brands, various types of brands coexist.Among them, the more popular brands include Victoria’s Secret, Fifty Shades of Grey, La Perla, etc.

7. The competitive environment of the sexy underwear market

The competitive environment of the sex underwear market is fierce, and the competition between brands is also very fierce. Not only does it compete in the brand image, but it also has different product research and development, quality and price.At the same time, the rise of emerging brands has continuously brought new changes to the market.


8. Driver factor of sexy underwear sales

The development of the sex underwear market is not only influenced by consumers’ needs and brand competition, but also driven by other factors.For example, the increase in advertising and social media marketing has become more and more promoted on the sex underwear market.

9. Sex underwear sales challenges

The sales of sexy underwear are facing some challenges, such as the constraints of laws and regulations, insufficient brand marketing capabilities, malware of Starbucks cases and the flood of fake and inferior products.These problems have brought a lot of threats to the healthy development of the sexy underwear market.

10. Conclusion

In short, the development prospects of the sex underwear market in the United States are very broad. With the continuous opening of society and the increase of young consumer groups, the sex underwear market will still maintain a benign development trend.However, there are still various problems and challenges in the market. It requires the joint efforts of the brand and government departments to strengthen supervision and management, and promote the healthy development of the sex underwear market.