Removal of sexy underwear French style

Removal of sexy underwear French style

Removal of sexy underwear French style

As a part of sentimental life, sexy underwear is loved by more and more people.Wearing beautiful erotic underwear can not only increase the sensory experience, but also stimulate trust and romantic atmosphere.The French -free underwear is a hot topic that has been discussed recently.The following is a detailed introduction to the relevant knowledge that exempts the French underwear.

Origin of French erotic underwear

French sexy underwear has become popular since the 1990s, and its unique design brings a real sense of restraint to the wearer.They are usually made of lace and clipping technology, and make the wearer’s mastoles more obvious.This type of underwear is inspired by the edge prostitutes of France in the 19th century, as well as wearing rigid underwear in the same period to modify the upper -class social women.

Design elements of free sex underwear

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Removing erotic underwear usually includes tightness, shoulder strap design and vest half a cup.These elements ensure that if any exercise or posture changes in the upper body of the wearer, the underwear will remain fixed and reliable.

Applicable crowd of free sex underwear

Remove sexy underwear is suitable for women with all body types, especially women with larger chests.For those who want to increase challenges and changes, this underwear is a good choice because it can achieve a perfect balance between "without falling" and "freedom".

How to choose the correct size

When buying such underwear, carefully measure your size to ensure that the purchased underwear size is consistent with your body size.Although there is no standard cup size size for free underwear, underwear brands usually provide useful suggestions in the size guide.

How to wear a sexy underwear

When wearing a sexy lingerie, we need to adjust the buttons on the back of the shoulder straps and the back of the underwear to cross the nipples in front of the underwear.Next, you can pull the hem of the underwear to the best position.


Please note that although free sex underwear can fix the upper body of the wearer, it may not be able to provide the same comfort as standard underwear.If you are not used to this underwear or not, please do not force yourself to wear.In addition, it is not recommended to wear for too long, because this may lead to fatigue on the shoulders.


Removing sex underwear match

When coming with unproofed underwear, you can try a more relaxed and natural clothes style to highlight the characteristics of underwear as much as possible.In addition, you need to carefully choose a high -waist skirt or a pelvic clothing.If you choose to wear a chest sticker to cover up the breast area, at the same time increase the beauty of the underwear and play a better modification.

Underwear maintenance

The maintenance of sexy underwear is the key.Removing sex underwear usually requires hand washing, or use soft detergent and cold water in the washing machine.Do not wash it with hot water or dry it at high temperature, which will destroy the elasticity and shape of the underwear.It is recommended to hung underwear on the hanger to dry and avoid exposure.

Value and economy

Removing sex underwear is usually high because of high -quality materials and complex plant carving technology.However, if you maintain it correctly, you can use sexy underwear for many years, so that you can feel good cost -effective.


Remove sexy underwear French style is a kind of eye -catching and popular sexy underwear type.Suitable for women of all kinds of body types, the important thing is to choose a size suitable for you.Understanding the origin, design elements, and correct wear and maintenance methods of these underwear will help you better enjoy the function of this underwear.