Open the stall sex underwear fork open leg opening

Open the stall sex underwear fork open leg opening

Open the stall sex underwear fork open leg opening

1. What is the sexy lingerie?

Open -file sexy underwear refers to a sexy underwear that is set or open crotch in the private parts. The design inspiration comes from sex games or secrets.It can add more fun and excitement to a fun life, and it can also increase the emotional communication between people.

2. Classification of Fairy Underwear

When designing products, sexy underwear manufacturers will divide the open -stroke erotic underwear into two categories according to different preferences and needs: fork and open crotch.The sexy underwear of the fork is the most common. Usually, the entire crotch is cut into a "V" type fork to facilitate sexual activity.

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3. Advantages

The biggest advantage of opening the sexy lingerie is that it can perform sexual activities without taking off the underwear, eliminating the troubles such as changing clothes and taking off underwear.Compared to ordinary sexy underwear, it is more exciting and convenient, and it is a rare toy in partner life.

4. Applicable crowd

Open sexy underwear is usually suitable for those who want to try new sex toys and increase emotional stimuli.For those who have sexual disorders or are not good at self -control, the use of open -file sexy underwear may be smoother when they perform sex activities.

5. How to choose the appropriate opening and sexy underwear?

When choosing to open the stall sex underwear, you should pay attention to the following points:

Comfort: High -quality sexy underwear should be used with soft and breathable materials. Do not choose materials that can be allergic or impermeable;

Vertical sense: Fairy underwear on the file should have a certain sense, not too tight or too loose;

Size: Because the opening design is easy to affect the sex experience, you must choose a sexy underwear that is suitable for your own size;

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Style: According to your hobbies and sex effects you want to achieve, choose the fun -ups that meet your needs.

6. The maintenance of the sexy underwear

It is very important to maintain the fun underwear. It can not only extend the life of the underwear, but also avoid excessive friction and discomfort during sex.When washing, special underwear washing fluid or neutral detergent should be used. Do not use alkaline detergents or bleaching agents.After washing, it should be dried flat to avoid using high temperature drying.

7. The matching of sexy underwear

Open sexy underwear is usually combined with lace, transparent mesh, silk and other materials.At the same time, in actual sex activities, it can also be paired with sexual toys such as handcuffs, eye masks, and feet to make more exciting and interesting erotic games.

8. The technique of opening the sexy underwear

When using the open -gear sex underwear, you should pay attention to the following points:

Perform correctly: Make sure the opening is cut accurately according to your private parts distance to avoid breaking or grabbing your reproductive organs;

Lubricant: Before performing sexual activities, appropriate lubricants should be applied to the opening of the underwear or private parts to help reduce their own friction and discomfort;

Positioning adjustment: In the process of sex, you need to adjust the position and angle of the opening to ensure the best sexual experience.

9. The role of sexy underwear toys and partnerships

Open -gear sex underwear toys have a great role in sex activities, not only to increase the stimulus and fun of sex, but also strengthen the emotional communication between the two.When using sexy underwear toys, you need to pay attention to communication and cooperation with your partner to avoid disputes and unhappiness due to friction or uncomfortable coordination.

10. Conclusion

Open -file sexy underwear is a very interesting, exciting, and useful sex toy, which can help people get more fun and pleasant experiences in sex.When using, you need to pay attention to related skills and precautions, and do not be too addicted and overwhelmed.