Male wearing sexy underwear speech videos

Male wearing sexy underwear speech videos

Male wearing sexy underwear speech videos

In recent years, with the opening of social concepts, men’s wearing sexy underwear has become more and more popular.However, for many people, men wearing sexy underwear are still a controversial topic.To this end, we interviewed some men who worn sexy underwear, listened to their words, and shared it with everyone.

1. Tension and expectations before trying on

Before men wearing fun underwear, they will definitely feel a kind of nervousness and expectation.They made a decision deep in their hearts, that is, to bravely break the traditional concepts and try the sexy charm they had originally had.Therefore, after wearing sexy underwear, they are more confident and attractive.

2. Questions about comfort

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Many men think that sexy underwear is a female patent. For men, sexy underwear is not comfortable.However, after trying on, most men still feel that comfort is not as poor as they think.When choosing, choose the comfortable and more personal sexy underwear as much as possible, which will better meet the needs of wear.

3. Improve self -confidence and charm

Putting on sexy underwear allows men to enhance self -confidence and charm.Men wearing sexy underwear are relatively stable, quiet but not majestic, and they are more confident.In addition, men wearing sexy underwear pay more attention to self -cultivation and taste, giving a sense of high -end atmosphere.

4. Liberate yourself and show your personality

Men who wear sexy underwear are more about expressing their own personality and uniqueness through this way, integrate sexy, fashionable, and personality elements, so that they can make themselves more charming and dazzling.Among them, red and black are more popular, representing the four major characteristics of sexy, mysterious, fashionable, and personality.

5. Add interest, increase sexual interest

Wearing a sexy underwear can not only add interest to yourself, but also stimulate the sexual interest in the other half.Interesting underwear is full of creativity and different appearances, which will allow men to have more room for play in sex and enjoy different pleasure and satisfaction.Therefore, while choosing a sexy underwear for yourself, you also need to consider your other half.

6. Broken tradition and enjoy life

Traditional concepts believe that wearing erotic underwear is too public and exposed, and it does not belong to male aesthetics.However, in modern society, people’s concepts have changed. Men’s sexy underwear is no longer an excessive move, but a form of expression that can reflect men’s confidence and taste.

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7. The topic of communication with women

Now more and more women are wearing fun underwear, and men have begun to try, which provides more topics for sex games in the sexual relations.It is precisely because men wear sexy underwear that make the communication with women smoother and freely. The two can better communicate and communicate, and increase the understanding and intimacy of both parties.

8. Show self -advantage

Wearing a sexy underwear can show a person’s physical advantage, showing health and charm to the fullest, reflecting personal charm and attractiveness.At the same time, wearing sexy underwear can also make a person feel more confident and pleasant, because it can show its own advantages and beauty.


Men’s sexy underwear is a bold attempt. There is no wrong or right. As long as they are comfortable, confident, and well, they can try.Interest underwear brings not only visual enjoyment to men, but also stimulates men’s confidence and courage, making themselves more attractive, but also increases the sex game with the other half.Therefore, men are understandable to wear fun underwear. It is more a pursuit and attempt to self -pursuit, and it is also a way to show personality and charm.