Interesting underwear micro -business supply

Interesting underwear micro -business supply

Why do Weishang often use sexy underwear as a source of supply?

Weishang is currently a very popular way of sales. You only need to complete the sales through social media platforms.In the field of sexy underwear, due to the increased demand for sex for consumer groups, sexy underwear has become a very popular product.In addition, the sexy underwear itself has a very large sexy symbol, which has also become one of the reasons for the commonly used sexy underwear as the source of micro -business.

How to choose sexy underwear brands?

The choice of sexy underwear brands directly affects the sales of Weishang.First of all, the popularity of the brand is the prerequisite for choosing the brand. Consumers have requirements for the quality of the brand, so the word of mouth and product quality of the brand is the key.At the same time, Weishang also needs to consider whether the brand’s price strategy is helpful to themselves, and raw materials and processing costs are the key points.

Types of sex underwear

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There are many design styles of sexy underwear, which can be classified according to different principles, such as according to clothing style, color of sex toy, scenes, and so on.When choosing the source of sexy lingerie, Weishang needs to tap the most popular styles of the market for choice.

Fairy underwear fabric

The fabric of sexy underwear is best to use high -quality materials, which can have a better touch and wear experience.Some brands will use some special fabrics or manufacturing processes to provide better product experience and comfort.

Falling underwear measurement size

Consumers are very concerned about their size, and the size of the sexy underwear will be different due to the different brands and fabrics.When WeChat is carried out, it is necessary to have a certain understanding of the size tables of each brand, which can reduce the return cost caused by inappropriate sizes.

Interesting underwear price positioning

The market price of sex underwear is relatively flexible, and the price range of a single product is large.When the micro -business placing an order, we should compare their procurement prices and market prices to find a suitable price positioning.Under normal circumstances, high -quality commodity prices will also be higher.

The customer group of sexy underwear

The customer groups of sexy underwear are widespread, mainly for consumers’ groups include couples, couples, single men and women, etc.However, its positioning population generally needs a certain level of income and a certain experience. Therefore, proper adjustment of the promotion of the product can play a good role in sales.

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How to cooperate with sexy underwear manufacturers

WeChat can have a certain ability to purchase, so that the price can be directly purchased from the factory, and the price will be more favorable.However, if the funds are not abundant or experienced, you can consider cooperating with brand manufacturers to purchase goods according to the requirements of the manufacturer and fill in the order.

What is the market prospect of sex underwear?

The sexy underwear market is constantly rising, so the market prospects are very broad.With the continuous development of society and technology, the demand for sexy underwear will increase.The future development space is very large. If you seize market opportunities, sexy underwear will have a better development environment and prospects.


It is a good choice to enter the sex underwear wholesale market as a micro -business.But before entering this market, it is necessary to understand information such as love underwear brands, product fabrics, product size, and target customer groups. Good purchase channels are also critical.Through these attention, Weishang can successfully operate the sexy underwear wholesale business, so that you have better development space in market competition.