Fun underwear hip -up model video video

Fun underwear hip -up model video video

Fun underwear hip -up model video video

1. Background introduction

Fun underwear hip -up model contest is a event hosted by well -known erotic underwear brands, which aims to show the beauty and sexy of sexy underwear, and at the same time increase brand awareness and market share.The competition is carried out in the form of video, which is convenient for viewers to watch at any time.

2. Introduction to participants

There are 30 contestants from different cities and backgrounds in this competition.They have different figures, but they have a pair of sexy hips in common.

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3. Competition rules

Participants need to put on the sexy underwear provided by the brand first, and then show their hips and dances on the stage. At the same time, the judges will be scored according to the image, performance and temperament, and finally the top three are selected.

4. Video content

The video is divided into three parts, the first part is the personal display of the contestants, the second part is the hip -lifting display, and the third part is the finals.

5. Personal display

In the personal display session, participants can play freely and show their personal charm and dancing.Some contestants choose sexy music and movements, while others pay more attention to dance skills.

6. Hip -hip display

The hip -hip display is the highlight of this competition. Participants need to show their charm of their hips.They stood neatly on the stage, showing their hips in turns, making the audience and judges excited.

7. Finals


In the finals, the judges will choose the top three and make award award.In addition to winning bonuses and gifts, the winner also has the opportunity to become the spokesperson of the brand, leaving a perfect ending for the competition.

8. Video effect

The video effect of this competition is very good, from players’ clothing to dance performances have visual impact.The video producer uses multiple cameras for shooting, switching freely, so that the audience will not miss any wonderful moments.

9. Audience response

The event has attracted the attention and love of the audience. The video has received a lot of click volume and comments on major video websites.Many people said that the competition increased their knowledge and interest in sexy underwear.

10. Significance of activity

This sex underwear hip model contest not only brings the brand’s exposure and sales improvement, but also conveys the value of the culture and products of sex underwear to the public.It promotes people’s discussion and understanding of sexy, aesthetics and self -confidence.


Fun underwear hip -up model contest is a rare event that shows sexy underwear culture and product value.Its successful holding not only brings benefits to the brand, but also allows more people to understand and understand the field of sexy underwear.It is hoped that similar activities can continue to be held to bring inspiration and enjoyment to more people.