Female attacking underwear Recommended novels free reading

Female attacking underwear Recommended novels free reading

Female attacking underwear Recommended novels free reading


The appearance of sexy underwear makes women exude more sexy, more confidence, and more charm.At the same time, sexy underwear increases more fun while improving physical beauty.However, it is not easy to buy the right sexy underwear, and some people are concerned about it.

Fantasy 1: Choose the right model

When choosing sexy underwear, many women will have such confusion: What style of sexy underwear is suitable for you?In the face of this situation, women can choose according to their body curve, height, weight, personality, etc.If passive type likes to be loved and loved, then choose a sweeter style; female attack can choose more aggressive styles, such as mesh, lace, and some small details can easily show the sense of control to the sense of control toother side.

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Fantasy 2: Size problem

For very soft sexy underwear such as lace and tulle, the size is often smaller. Please choose a number larger than usual size.After all, wearing inappropriate sexy underwear may cause discomfort or even damage.

Recommended 1: small black suit

Black suit is a very classic sexy underwear. This sexy underwear is very suitable for female attack.The small suit is exquisite and very stylish. Because it is black, women are not only stylish, but also fully highlight the body of women.

Recommended two: lace triangle trousers

Lace triangle pants are also one of the very classic sexy underwear.The lace material is delicate, soft, and feels good.This kind of sexy underwear is suitable for any kind of women, as long as you choose the right style and size.

Recommended 3: Warrior Set

The warrior suit is a very female -like sexy underwear suit. This set contains helmets, upper body armor, bra, hem, belly, belly, and belly.Its design is very good, which has both military simplicity and sexy elements, which can greatly meet women’s needs for sexy and off -line.

Recommended 4: Purple lace sexy underwear

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Purple lace erotic underwear is an elegant and temperamental feeling.It has a very good texture, and the design is also very unique.The design of this underwear is almost no pot, which is composed of purple lace.Some details are impressive.

Recommended 5: Horseshoe lotus sex underwear

Horseshoe lotus sexy underwear is a little strange sexy underwear, which uses some unique design elements.For example, the black mesh part of the upper body and the straps on the shoulders.These elements can greatly enhance women’s sexy and charm and make women more confident.

Recommended 6: suspender -style sexy underwear

The suspender -style erotic underwear uses a very simple and bold design style.In general, its design has only one suspender, just to connect the vertical decoration above.Therefore, the suspender -style erotic underwear does not need to consider the complexity of the style at all, and pursue pure sexy.

Recommended seven: sexy connection boots socks

Junior boots and socks are becoming more and more popular with female friends due to its soft feel, good texture, comfortable wearing.In addition, in addition to using it as ordinary clothing, it can also be used as a special sexy underwear.

Recommended 8: Meeting ceremony

How to choose the most suitable sexy underwear?It is recommended to choose some designs that are suitable for your own style. It is necessary to try multiple, multiple models, and multi -brands of sexy underwear. In view of sexy underwear is a personal item, if conditions permit, you may wish to invest in higher brands.Novice recommendation style is fresh and classic styles. New brands can also consider buying an appropriate amount of sexy underwear as their own "meeting ceremony". This can help yourself better understand your body characteristics, seek better sex, love to enjoyEssence

in conclusion

Recommended sexy underwear is only a small part of it. Women may wish to ask their minds when choosing sexy underwear and choose a style that suits them.All the sexy underwear recommended by this article can be read online, making your underwear life better.