Falling underwear name reference

Falling underwear name reference

Choose an appropriate name

A proper name is one of the success of sex underwear stores.A good name can make your shop stand out and make potential customers more interested in your sexy underwear products.In order to choose a proper name, you can consider from the following aspects:

Grab the theme

Name your sexy underwear shop or a certain sexy underwear based on your product type or theme.This makes your target consumer group easier to understand your products, thereby increasing sales.For example, a sexy underwear called "sexy night song" can be black, sexy or romantic.

Using familiar words

Plus Lace & Mesh Teddy Bodysuit – Curvy – 2978

Try to use the familiar words to name your sexy underwear, so that customers can understand your products more easily.For example, you can name your sexy underwear in words such as "lace", "lace", "fairy tale".

Unique and easy to remember

Choosing a unique and easy memory makes your shop easier to be remembered.For example, the name of "Love Apartment" is easy to think of alternative sexy underwear brands.

Reference French/Spanish/Italian Vocabulary

French, Spanish, Italian, etc. There are many vocabulary that can be used to name sexy underwear.These vocabulary can add a mystery and romantic atmosphere to your brand.For example, "Charme" (sexy in French) can be used as the name of a sexy lingerie shop.


If your sexy underwear has a unique design or creativity, you can start from these aspects and name it for products.For example, if your sexy underwear is paired with handcuffs or lace masks, these accessories can be inspired by these accessories.


The words describing your sexy underwear can cause customers’ interest.For example, "the sinking of love" can be used as a name that can enhance the sex experience underwear.

Curvy Plus

Express specific feelings

Choosing a name that can express specific feelings can make your sexy underwear brand more attractive.For example, "Spring Dream" can be used as a name that represents passion and romance.

Use numbers and letters

The use of numbers and letters to name sexy underwear is another interesting method.For example, "2B-Real" can be used as a unique sexy underwear name.

Combine your brand positioning

Your brand positioning should echo your brand name.If your brand positioning is noble and elegant, you can choose to use vocabulary such as "nobles" or "royal" as brand names.


Although the naming of sexy underwear seems simple, it contains many doors.Choosing an appropriate name can add charm to your brand, attract more consumers, and increase sales.Based on the above suggestions, you can choose a eye -catching, unique and meaningful name for products and brands.