Buy sexy underwear for your girlfriend too early

Buy sexy underwear for your girlfriend too early

1 Introduction

Sexy underwear is a kind of underwear that makes women feel confident and sexy. Various types and styles of sexy underwear on the market are dazzling, but do you know when to buy sexy underwear for your girlfriend is the most suitable?This article will discuss why not buy sexy underwear for my girlfriend too early.

2. Respect the girlfriend’s feelings

Although sexy underwear can add sexual interest, wearing this underwear for many women may make them feel uncomfortable.Some women may feel that their bodies are not good enough, or they think that sexy underwear is too exposed.In this case, forcing girlfriends to wear fun underwear may make them feel uncomfortable and embarrassed.

3. Build trust

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It is very important to build trust in a relationship.If you buy sexy underwear for your girlfriend too early, it may make her feel that you just value her body, not her itself.This will destroy the foundation of trust and mutual respect.

4. Waiting for the right time

In order to ensure that my girlfriend feels confident and comfortable when wearing a sexy underwear, you need to find the right time.After your relationship is closer, your girlfriend may be more willing to wear sexy underwear.Therefore, don’t worry, listen carefully to your girlfriend’s thoughts and feelings, and wait for the right time to buy her sexy underwear.

5. You need to consider your girlfriend’s taste and preference

There are many types and styles of sexy underwear, and different girls like different girls may also be different.If you are not sure of your girlfriend’s preference, it is best to know the taste of your girlfriend before talking about this topic.Some girls may like gentle and elegant style, while others may prefer sexy and dare to challenge underwear styles.You need to know her taste to choose a suits her underwear.

6. To understand the girlfriend’s body shape

When you choose a sexy underwear, you must have a full understanding of your girlfriend’s body shape.This is to ensure that underwear can be worn well.If wearing is not suitable, it will not only affect the beauty, but also affect the health of his girlfriend.

7. Consider your girlfriend’s occupation and use scenario

When choosing a sexy underwear for girlfriend, she needs to consider her career and use scenario.Some girls may need to wear underwear in daily life, while others may only need to wear sex underwear on special occasions.Therefore, when choosing underwear, she should consider her occupation and use occasions in order to choose the underwear suitable for her.


8. Keep respect and considerate

When you choose to buy sexy underwear for your girlfriend, you must maintain respect and considerate.This is not only because girlfriends may be sensitive to this, but also because of careful gifts and expressions that can increase the feelings and intimacy between you.

9. Try to buy as much as possible after the girlfriend knows

If you choose to buy sexy underwear for your girlfriend, it is best to buy it after she knows.If you buy it without knowing it, this may make her feel uncomfortable and disrespectful.After she knows, you can explain your thoughts to her and discuss whether your choice is suitable for her.

10. Summary

Too early buying a fun underwear for your girlfriend may destroy your trust and respect.When choosing and buying sexy underwear, you must fully consider your girlfriend’s feelings, tastes, body types, occupations and use scenarios, and maintain respect and consideration.Only at the right time, the right choice and the appropriate way can the sexy underwear play its maximum role.