Buy a fun underwear for girlfriend is

Buy a fun underwear for girlfriend is

The secret to buy a fun underwear for girlfriends

On Valentine’s Day, Birthday or other special days, buying a set of sexy underwear for girlfriends is a very clever gift choice.However, when you walk into an adult shop, you may feel a little overwhelmed or embarrassed.In this article, we will give some secrets and suggestions for buying sexy underwear for girlfriends to make your shopping experience more pleasant and meaningful.

1. Understand the size of your girlfriend -a vital step

It is important to understand her body size when buying a sexy underwear for girlfriend.If you don’t know her size, she is likely to be unable to put on the underwear you bought, which will lose the meaning of gifts.Understanding information of her bust, waist, hips, etc. can help you choose underwear better.

2. Understand her taste -others may not be suitable for her

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Every woman has different tastes and styles.Know your girlfriend like sexy style or sweet style so that you can buy her favorite underwear.

3. Consider her personality -personalization is the best

Try to consider her personality and preferences, because giving her a special gift that she particularly want is more meaningful than an ordinary gift.If she is bold, you can choose a more sexy and bold underwear. If she is more shy, you can choose some simple -style underwear.

4. Understand different types of sexy underwear -you can choose to choose

Interest underwear has a variety of styles and styles. From the bra, the three -point style to the restraint of sexy underwear, each underwear has different feelings and effects.If you know these styles before shopping, you can choose the one that suits your girlfriend best.

5. Avoid too exposure -carefully choose underwear styles

Although sexy underwear is sexy, you don’t want her to attract the attention of others like standing on the street.Be cautious when choosing underwear, do not be too exposed, because some underwear is not suitable for wearing in public.

6. Material and quality -Do not ignore the influence of quality

The quality and material of the underwear determine her comfort and the feeling of wearing.High -quality sexy underwear will be more comfortable and more textured, so don’t ignore the quality of underwear.

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7. Communicate with sales staff -not refund, so choosing right is important

If you are not sure what style is suitable for your girlfriend, you can seek help from the salesperson.They can give you more suggestions and choices.Before buying sexy underwear, you must understand the return and replacement policy of merchants.

8. Packaging details -create unexpected surprises

When you buy fun underwear, you can design some interesting details for their packaging.For example, you can make a small card or put them in a beautiful gift box to add surprises.

9. Take sex as an additional service -Don’t use underwear as the only purpose

Although sexy underwear can be used as a sex toy between couples, you should not consider this as the only purpose.The main purpose of buying sexy underwear for girlfriends is to popularize gifts or surprises, rather than getting you any sexual rewards that she feels dissatisfied or uncomfortable.

10. Summary view -the role of sexy underwear

Sex underwear has a very important role in promoting the relationship between couples.The desire and freshness they bring can change the relationship between you and deepen the intimacy between you.Therefore, buying sexy underwear for girlfriends is not only a gift, but also an important way to communicate.