Biochemical crisis can wear sexy underwear


The female characters in the Biochemical Crisis series have always been very popular. They are not only brave and strong, but also very sexy.In the game, players can put them on various sexy underwear when the role is suitable.So why can we wear sexy underwear in the biochemical crisis world?This article will explore this issue.

background knowledge

In the world of biochemical crisis, due to the influence of viruses, human biological characteristics have changed greatly, and some characteristics of male and female genitals have also changed dramatically.This has led to the "Biochemical Crisis" series of games, although players can see sexy underwear, they are actually only a cultural symbol.

The role of sexy underwear symbols

In the biochemical crisis game, sexy underwear has become a symbol of sexy characters. On the one hand, it demonstrates that this female character is beautiful and moving, and on the other hand, it also forms a strong contrast with the alienation brought by the virus.Interest underwear also has a certain magic effect, making it easier for players to fall in love with these characters.

Choose the right sexy underwear

When choosing a sexy underwear, choose according to the characteristics of the character and the scene of the character.For example, the environment is relatively intense, and you can choose sexy underwear with some metal elements, which can increase the combat effectiveness of the character.

Sexy underwear and gaming

Interest underwear is not only a visual enjoyment, it can also affect gaming.For example, some fun underwear includes many functions, such as protection, practical pockets, perspective, etc. These features can provide players with more convenience in the game.

The secret weapon of sexy girls

In the "Resident Evil" world, the sexy of women’s characters may be their most important weapon, and sexy underwear can increase the charm of sexy women.At the same time, some sexy underwear also contains some special functions, such as poisonous stabs, venom, demon coming, etc. This makes female characters more lethal in the game.

Sex of sex underwear

In the biochemical crisis world, sexy underwear is divided into several categories, including: adult underwear, super sexy underwear, European and American style underwear, and so on.Among them, adult underwear is suitable for those who like unique personality, super sexy underwear is suitable for some players who are more emotional, and European and American style underwear is suitable for those who like classic styles.

Sexy underwear can also make flags

In the biochemical crisis game, erotic underwear can not only improve the character’s combat effectiveness, but also be used as a banner to show other players to show their game ability.To be precise, sexy underwear is no longer just a decoration.It has set off a brand new gameplay. In this new gameplay, sexy underwear has become an important element.


It is very common to wear sexy underwear in the biochemical crisis. As a decoration and gameplay, sexy underwear allows players to better experience the charm of the game of the biochemical crisis.At the same time, it also provides players with more fun and surprises.

in conclusion

The application of sexy underwear in the biochemical crisis is very interesting. It is not only a cultural symbol, but also a practical prop.Players can choose suitable sexy underwear according to the game situation to make the game more interesting.Interest underwear also shows the diversity and creativity of the game, allowing players to feel the unique charm of the biochemical crisis.

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