Actress sexy underwear fragment

Actress sexy underwear fragment

Actress sexy underwear fragment

As a professional sexy underwear expert, I have been paying attention to the sexy lingerie wearing of major actresses.The choices of these fashionable women can always inspire us, so I summarized a few female stars to wear sexy underwear and share it with everyone.

1. Ond shoulder long sleeve beam and waist -loving underwear.Of course, the first female star we want to say is Jia Jingwen in the "deformed meter".Her match seems simple, but she has more sexy. The waist design of the dress style emphasizes a good figure, which is eye -catching.

2. High -waist pencil skirt with sexy underwear.The Korean actress Zheng Xiuyan this time is absolutely immortal. The high -waisted pencil skirt perfectly shows her figure, and the pink underwear is full of the girl’s feeling, so that women can exude their charm regardless of the age.

3. Bottom pants with lace sexy underwear.The goddess Yang Mi, who takes sexy routes, often can be seen in photos published in the magazine. This kind of match is wearing deep V -neck, with long hair, and black leggings. This kind of match is both sexy and elegant.

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4. Swimsuit with fun underwear.In a controversial incident on behalf of the Chinese participating girl on behalf of the Asian Division of Universal, data showed 300 nude photos, and Gu Zulin revealed that the black sexy underwear became the focus of attention.It may seem a bit bolder to learn from this combination, but you can add points to your figure.

5. Lian dress with two pieces of sexy underwear.Sometimes you don’t have to expose your figure completely, and you can make yourself look beautiful and sexy. Neutral dress must be supplemented with sexy underwear.The wearing of Tong Liya in "Flower Good Moon" shows us different types of matching methods.

6. Skirts and pantyhose sex underwear.As we all know, the red carpet style of Lady Gaga’s ghost -horse style has always been a representative of high energy and strangeness, and she often adds a variety of erotic underwear elements in her wear.I tried it.

7. Loose tops with multi -layer wearing sexy underwear.You may feel a little surprised, but is there such a match?Jin Xishan often wears loose T -shirts or sweaters in variety shows, but deep in her heart is still very loving underwear!Therefore, she often chooses a number of erotic underwear under the loose top to show a charm.

8. Tight -fitting tulle skirt with erotic underwear.Angelababy, which symbolizes both temperament, is of course not behind. This kind of tight skirt about tulle material is a very popular popular item in recent years. If you match a suitable sexy underwear, then you will stand out in the crowd and let let itMan becomes mysterious and embarrassed.

9. Skidine skirt with sweet sexy lingerie.For some women with a certain right to speak, underwear is regarded as another platform that can express her.Guo Jingjing’s suspender skirt fluttering with the wind, and the underwear with fresh sweetness, like the moment when the freshness encountered in spring.

10. Skin jacket with sexual emotional fun underwear.Kendall Jenner recently used a lot of erotic underwear to match when a fashion brand recently ended in a certain fashion brand. He has a tall and tall Kendall to put on a leather jacket and put on black sexy underwear, which adds a lot of amazing in the simple shape.


In addition to satisfying the emotions, wearing erotic underwear is also a way to adjust self -confidence, especially if it is properly matched, it will meet the needs of many important prime.Sometimes it only needs a simple highlight, which can also have a huge impact on all your dress.