Will there be boys who refuse to have sexy underwear?

The popularity and popularity of sexy underwear

In recent years, sexy underwear has attracted more and more attention, and has become synonymous with fashion and sexy.Many women choose to wear sexy underwear under special occasions to meet their psychological needs.In this case, many women want to know whether men will also wear sexy underwear on special occasions. Will men refuse to have sexy underwear?

Will men choose to wear sexy underwear

In fact, men are not as popular as women wearing sexy underwear.Wearing a sexy underwear may be a challenging behavior for men. After all, men’s physiological structure is different from women, and it may not be adaptable to wear.However, some men still choose to wear sexy underwear to satisfy their temptation desire.

One of the reasons why men reject sexy underwear: uncomfortable wear

As a man himself, wearing erotic underwear is still relatively difficult. Some men will feel that wearing erotic underwear is not comfortable enough, too tight or oppression and restraint on reproductive organs will make people feel uncomfortable.Therefore, some men choose to refuse to wear sexy underwear.

Men’s reasons for rejection of sexy underwear: Lack of demand and passion

Men’s sexual desire characteristics are different from women. In addition to visually stimuli, for men, they are more psychological needs and passion.If men do not have a strong needs and passion for sexy underwear, they may not have a psychological pleasure and satisfaction, but they will feel tired and boring, so men may refuse to wear sexy underwear.

Three reasons for men’s rejection of sexy underwear: worry about inner security

On the other hand, wearing erotic underwear may look like a challenging and adventurous behavior, but for some men, they may avoid this behavior, because worried that wearing sexy underwear will make people a negative impression and affect themselves, affecting themselves, and affecting themselvesSafety and self -esteem in gender cognition, character positioning.

The four reasons for men’s rejection underwear: The problem of gender positioning

For some men, wearing sexy underwear may cause trouble for their gender positioning.The traditional cultural concept believes that men should be strong, courageous, and masculine, and wearing sexy underwear may make people vague gender cognition and lose their masculinity. Therefore, some men will refuse to wear sexy underwear.

Men’s reasons for rejection of sexy underwear 5: Dressing on personality preferences

Men’s dressing habits are often more conservative. Wearing sexy underwear may not match their personality and dress preferences. They will choose their favorite clothes and dress, rather than the outside world thinks that suitable for themselves. ThereforeIt’s right.

Men’s reasons for men’s rejection underwear: The size is not suitable

Men’s body is relatively stable than women, but when choosing to wear sexy underwear, the correct size is a very important factor.If the size of the sexy underwear purchased by men is inappropriate, it will cause uncomfortable wearing or expose some defects in the body. This is one of the reasons why men refuse to wear sexy underwear.

Seven reasons for men to refuse sexy underwear: the influence of cultural habits

Men’s cultural habits will also affect decisions wearing sexy underwear.Different cultural backgrounds and traditional concepts are also different from wearing sexy underwear.In some cultures, wearing erotic underwear will be considered inappropriate, unreasonable, or immoral, which is one of the reasons why men refuse to wear sexy underwear.

The charm and existence of sex underwear

Although men refuse to wear sexy underwear, sexy underwear is still far -reaching.Although sexy underwear looks just an external clothing, it contains deeper meaning, which represents the progress of human culture and the improvement of sexual civilization.The existence of sexy underwear can inspire people’s desire, temptation and excitement, and make people feel that sex has deep emotional, psychological, physiological reactions and social interaction significance, and reflects the deep cultural value.


There are many reasons for men to refuse sexy underwear, but as a cultural product, sexy underwear reflects the charm and profound significance of human culture in a unique way.We should not treat sexy underwear just as a piece of clothing, but we should understand its meaning and value from a deeper cultural perspective.As a cultural product, sexy underwear should be widely promoted and recognized.

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