Why do women’s sex lingerie open files?

Understand women’s sexy underwear open stalls

Women’s sexy underwear has become a common type in the underwear market. Many women choose to open the file underwear because they have some useful advantages.Even though women do not need to open this trousers door, they may allow women to complete the necessary operation without taking off their underwear without completely taking off their underwear.So why do women’s sexy underwear be opened?This article will be introduced in detail.

Type of opening underwear

Open -file women’s erotic underwear is divided into three types: front, back, and side opening.The opening of the underwear in front is in front, similar to the style of men’s underwear; the opening of the underwear behind is behind. This underwear is often used for back -back clothing; and a small door on both sides is opened on both sides.

Easy to use advantages

One of the main advantages of opening underwear is that it is convenient and easy to use.If women need to use a bathroom or replace sanitary cotton strips, this underwear can easily meet their needs, thereby avoiding the trouble of taking off the entire underwear, and at the same time, it can maintain the privacy of women.

Sex underwear change

Over time and the development of underwear, women’s erotic underwear is no longer just functional, and it is more a fashionable choice.Therefore, the design and style of opening underwear are also increasingly diversified, including lace decoration, strap design, embroidery and lace combinations.

Cooperate with different clothing

Open underwear can also be matched with different clothing, making women more convenient and appropriate.For example, open underwear can be used for low -waist pants or skirts, and then open underwear can be used for outdoor clothing.

Confmentation and choice of fabrics

When choosing to open the stall sex underwear, comfort is a very important consideration.It is necessary to ensure that the selected underwear is comfortable, breathable, soft, and made of good quality fabrics.

Choose the right size

In addition to quality and comfort, it is also important to choose the right size.You should often measure your own size to ensure that the selected open underwear size is just right, so as to ensure comfort and optimal performance.

Personal preferences and occasion selection

When choosing to open the underwear, you must also consider personal preferences and current occasions.Not every occasion is suitable for using open underwear, so you need to consider choice when going out and participating in the event.

Other convenience options

In addition to the convenient function, opening underwear can also be equipped with other convenient functions, such as massage sticks or other sex toys.They can bring more excitement and fun.

Problem of security

Of course, when choosing to open the underwear, you need to pay attention to safety issues.The quality of the underwear must be complied with standards, and it is necessary to follow the correct way and precautions when used.

in conclusion

The design of women’s erotic lingerie is designed to make women use it conveniently when necessary, and at the same time can provide more fashion and stimuli.Of course, when choosing these underwear, you still need to ensure safety, comfort and selection of appropriate sizes and styles.

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