Which is the best source of sexy underwear?


The sexy underwear market performed well, and more and more people joined this industry.However, before the successful sales and promotion, a very important issue is to find a reliable source of sexy lingerie.In this article, we will explore the best sources of the sexy underwear industry and introduce you to their advantages and disadvantages.

Domestic sexy underwear producer

Domestic sex underwear producers are the first choice for many sexy underwear stores.This is because the prices they provide are relatively low, and the supply is very stable.However, due to quality control problems, the quality of sex underwear created by these manufacturers may not be as good as other erotic lingerie.

Foreign sex underwear producers

Many erotic underwear shop owners like to obtain supply from foreign manufacturers because they usually provide some unique and high -quality products.However, foreign sexy underwear producers usually pay higher requirements and freight on the minimum number of orders, which may increase your cost.


Cooperation with foreign manufacturers may be very time -consuming and laborious, so many sexy underwear stores choose to cooperate with importers.Importers are usually responsible for finding the best sexy underwear manufacturers, providing you with goods, and shipping the goods directly to your store.However, importers often need a certain amount of ordering and requires you to maintain a fixed trade exchanges in order to better cooperate.


Wholesalers can provide you with a broader supply choice, depending on their cooperative relationship with sexy underwear manufacturers.In addition, they usually have more spot inventory, and they are more competitive than importers and domestic manufacturers.However, they may raise prices for rich profits.

sales platform

Sales platform (such as Taobao, Tmall, etc.) is a common source of sexy underwear online.This purchase method provides low -cost methods for consumer consumers.However, the quality and reliability of the source may become uncertain in this way of purchase, so pay attention to these issues when choosing.

Get the supply from other sexy underwear shops

Getting from other sexy underwear stores may be an economical and efficient method, because these shops usually sell the products you need.However, because other stores are also selling goods to the same customer, the number and price of controlling the source may be a problem.

Do it by yourself

Create a sexy underwear or cooperate with good manufacturers to obtain control of the supply.This approach may reduce purchase costs, and product quality is guaranteed.However, this may be a very difficult task for those who do not experience, and need to invest major time, energy and funds.

Develop new supply

While cooperating with existing partners, it is also a very good choice to develop new sexy lingerie.This not only increases different types of similar sources, but also helps maintain the full supply and flexibility of historical orders and production orders.

in conclusion

The choice of erotic lingerie sources is not an easy task.Whether you choose wholesalers, domestic manufacturers, importers, or other sources, the advantages and disadvantages should be considered.In the end, it varies from person to person, because each sexy underwear store has different business strategies and market demand.

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