Where is the right sex underwear at home?

1. pajama wardrobe

Interest underwear needs to be properly kept as proper as ordinary underwear. It is best to place dry, ventilated, moisture -proof, and dustproof places.Therefore, it can be placed in a pajamas. It is the most natural storage place to avoid sunlight and moisture erosion.

2. In the drawer

It is more convenient to put sex underwear in a ventilated wardrobe drawer, allowing underwear to absorb natural air drying.Before saving, it is best to clean the underwear to avoid the effects of dust and dirt.

3. The highest level of wardrobe

It is best not to put the sexy underwear with other ordinary underwear together, because the fabrics and materials of the sexy underwear are different. It will be rubbed by the friction of ordinary underwear to damage the underwear.The highest level of choosing a wardrobe is the storage site, which can effectively isolate other clothes to avoid damage.

4. Small drawer

You can put sex underwear in a small drawer, because psychological studies have shown that people like private space, and the sexy underwear carries privacy and secrets. A small drawer can provide it with a sense of privacy.Moreover, choose a small drawer for storage, which is more convenient for each use, which is convenient for classification and finishing.

5. Your own cloakroom

If you have a cloakroom in your home, you can store interesting underwear in the cloakroom. Because of the large space of the cloakroom, there are scarce smoke, and it will not be affected by ultraviolet exposure and humidity.But pay attention to regular ventilation to avoid moisture and mildew.

6. In the box

In order to distinguish the sexy underwear from other clothes, you can choose a small box or storage box full of underwear for storage.Especially for business trips or travel, it is convenient to carry with you, safe and convenient.

7. Hook

Usually the sexy underwear is more beautiful, and it is more emotional when wearing. You can display it on your clothes.Install hooks or hooks in the cloakroom or storage space, you can hang the sexy underwear for easy use and display.

8. Packaging bag

Some erotic underwear design is unique and has the value of collection, which can put them in the dust bag for easy collection.The dust bag is usually wrapped in underwear packaging, just leave it.

9. In the cup

It is one of the most interesting ways to use cups as storage of sexy underwear.Make full use of the small gadgets in the home. The parts are clear and can be taken out at any time. It is very convenient and very private.

10. Magnetic storage box

The magnetic storage box is a new way of storage, which can easily store small items in kitchen, bathroom, bathroom and other rooms.The use of a magnetic storage box to storage of sexy underwear has both the function of storage and finishing, and can also create a small privacy space for yourself. It is also a creative storage method.

Therefore, there are all kinds of interesting underwear storage methods. You can choose the most suitable for you according to your own situation.

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