Where is the right sex underwear?

Choose a place where you store the sexy underwear

Sex underwear plays an important role in daily life. Choosing a useful but safe and convenient storage location is essential to maintain the quality of the underwear.So where is the sexy underwear?Let’s take a look at the following storage location.

Bedroom drawer

Drops are one of the most common sexual underwear storage positions. They can usually be placed in the closet or independent.Storing underwear in the bedroom and putting it in a clear drawer, convenient and easy to classify.At the same time, it can ensure that the underwear is not exposed to the outside world and keeps the privacy of the underwear.

In the shoe box of the wardrobe

If you don’t want to show sexy underwear at home, but you need a position that can be used at any time, then try it in your wardrobe.You can use a hard shoe box as a storage container for underwear to ensure that the underwear will not deform.However, it is recommended to add some moisture -proof agents to the shoe box to prevent underwear from being violated by moisture.

Storage bag

If you want to store underwear more portable, the storage bag may be your ideal choice.These bags can usually be compressed into small volumes, which are convenient for storage positions such as suitcases and drawers.However, although the storage bag is very convenient to carry, please pay attention to keep the underwear in the bag clean and dry.

Window frame

If you look for a "display" method of underwear, it is a good choice to put it in the window frame.The window frame can enhance the beauty of the underwear and facilitate your selection of the underwear you need.But please note that you should clean up your underwear in time to ensure the quality and privacy of the underwear.

Involved pocket

Underwear bags can help prevent deformation and damage of underwear, and they are also very useful in washing machines.The underworld bag will separate the mixer to the underwear to reduce the possibility of damage to the underwear, and it is also convenient to clean the use of utensils.In addition, underwear storage can also be convenient to classify underwear so that you can quickly find your needs.

Put naked on the bedside

For some sexy underwear enthusiasts, showing underwear may satisfy them.At this time, you can put the underwear on the bedside table or not put on it. You can always feel the experience of the underwear, but please pay attention to hygiene issues and space issues.


Using underwear hangers is a convenient storage method. You can hang them on the wall, wardrobe rod, or bathroom.In addition, many underwear can better maintain its shape through hanging storage.

The storage box under the bed

If your room space is relatively limited, the storage box stored under the bed is a good choice.This storage method can not occupy the baby, and it is also very convenient to obtain.Pay attention to environmental hygiene in this storage method.

Suspended storage

If you live in an apartment or you need to save space, you can consider hanging hanging underwear.The use of suspension storage methods can make your underwear more visible, and it is also convenient for you to find the required underwear.In addition, because the underwear suspension can make the air flow more smoothly, the underwear is more likely to keep it clean and dry.

Store in the bathroom

The bathroom may be an inconspicuous position, but it is a good place to store underwear.Storing in the bathroom will be easier to clean, and liquid washing items are easier to obtain.Please pay attention to keeping dry and hygiene.


Selecting a suitable underwear storage location needs to be made according to your actual situation and needs.However, please pay attention to keeping the quality and privacy of the underwear, and regularly cleaning can ensure the hygiene and durability of the underwear.

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