Where is the erotic underwear procurement wholesale market?

Where is the erotic underwear procurement wholesale market?

Market overview

The demand for sex underwear in the market is getting greater, and more and more people have begun to pay attention to sexy underwear.There are many erotic underwear procurement wholesale markets in the market. These markets generally have special sexy underwear areas, providing various styles and brands of sexy underwear.If you want to do a sexy underwear business, you first need to obtain the channels for sex underwear procurement.

Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street

Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street is one of the most prosperous commercial pedestrian streets in Shanghai. There are many large shopping malls and pedestrian streets. Among them, there are many sexy underwear brand stores and sexy underwear wholesale markets, such as Hang Lung Square, Greater Shanghai Times Square, Hanyi International Plaza, etc., They all have their own erotic underwear procurement wholesale market.


In the era of e -commerce, Taobao has become one of the largest online procurement markets.On Taobao, you can find a variety of sexy underwear of various brands, styles, and sizes. The product resources are particularly rich.At the same time, Taobao also has a large number of sexy underwear wholesale merchants, which can meet your large purchase needs.


Environmental Trade Plaza is located at No. 999 Longhua Road, Shanghai. It is a very high -end shopping mall.In its "Love Street" area, there are various forms of sexy underwear brand stores and sexy underwear wholesale markets. The price is moderate and the quality of the product is good.

Yicheng Minhang Different Land Spot Market

Yicheng Minhang’s spot market is one of the largest comprehensive markets in Shanghai, and it is also a very good sexy underwear procurement wholesale market. It has a variety of interesting underwear, which makes your purchase demand richer.

Commercial street

In various commercial streets in Shanghai, you can find the sex underwear wholesale market, such as Nanpu Bridge Market, New Yicheng Market, Sichuan South Road Commercial Street, etc. These markets provide rich sexy underwear resources, and the prices are relatively affordable.

Wholesale Market Building Courtyard

The Architecture Courtyard is a very special market, located at No. 888 Yishan Road, Xuhui District, and is one of the places where the Shanghai sex underwear wholesale market is concentrated.Part of the area in the construction of the building is specially sold in sexy underwear. The variety is very complete. Some can even try to contact the manufacturer directly to obtain more preferential policies.

Underground market

In some underground malls in Shanghai, there are also many sexy underwear wholesale markets, such as the Underground Mall of People’s Square and Xujiahui Underground Mall.These underground markets selling sexy underwear have a large number of booths, and the price is very cheap. It is a must -have purchasing point for sexy underwear merchants.

Gather commercial buildings

Joining commercial buildings is a large shopping square in Shanghai, located at No. 555 Longwu Road, and is also one of the important part of the Shanghai sex underwear wholesale market.There are a large number of merchants in the square, providing various brand and style sexy underwear, which is very convenient to purchase.

Donghai Mall

Donghai Mall is a large commercial complex in Shanghai and a relatively high -end shopping square.Among them, there is a special sexy underwear area, which sells various styles, sizes, and brand sexy underwear brands to make your sales and procurement relaxed and happy.


There are a lot of sexy underwear procurement wholesale market in Shanghai. If you want to do sex underwear business or women’s underwear business, you can choose these markets for procurement according to your actual situation, find the most suitable sex underwear procurement channels for you, and get the best brand brand that is the best brand., Style products, and then succeed in the market.

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