Where is Shanghai sex underwear wholesale market?

Where is Shanghai sex underwear wholesale market?

Want to wholesale sexy underwear in Shanghai, in addition to buying online, buying in the wholesale market is more intuitive, can better observe samples, and negotiate prices and quantities directly with merchants.So, where is the erotic underwear wholesale market in Shanghai?This article will introduce you in detail.

1. Zhendan International Clothing City

If you want to buy sexy and seductive sexy underwear in Shanghai, then you must not miss the Zhendan International Clothing City in Shanghai.The lighting through the door shows a series of sexy lingerie, including Japanese sexy underwear, European and American style of sexy underwear, retro sexy lingerie, bellyband, bodywear underwear, and so on.Choose a variety of display cabinets with more than 100 underwear stores, which are both fashionable and sweet, but also include temptation and sexy product lines.

2. Qipu Road Clothing Market

Qipu Road’s clothing market brings together various fashion trend items, including sexy underwear.The underwear style here is relatively rich. From basic styles to sexy suits, the style is rich and colorful, the quality is also good, and the price is very affordable.At present, there are many foreign trade sellers wholesale sexy underwear here, which is an important distribution center for low -priced sexy underwear.

3. Huaihai Middle Road Big World

The big world is a well -known clothing market, and there are many underwear merchants. Various brands and types of underwear should be exhausted.Moreover, the fun underwear here is not only price -friendly, but also rich in style, unique design, and high quality.If you want to have a fashionable and high -quality sexy underwear, the big world must be one of the good choices.

4. Temperature Cultural Creative Park

Temperature Cultural Creative Park is a place full of artistic atmosphere. The creative design here is very outstanding, and there are more exhibition sales in sexy underwear.In the park, there are a lot of love underwear designs that can taste the design of underwear full of design. It is a good choice for consumers who want to seek special consumers.

5. Sichuan North Road

Sichuan North Road is also one of the important wholesale markets in Shanghai. The variety of sexy underwear here is also very rich. From corset to underwear, the price is relatively cheap, suitable for consumers who want to be affordable.

6. Kerry City

There are many well -known underwear brands in Kerry City, which also include sexy underwear, which involves multiple brands of products.More brand choices.

7. Hongqiao Clothing Wholesale Market

Hongqiao Clothing Wholesale Market is a large wholesale market, and each floor has a dedicated underwear wholesale market.In the market area, there are not only all kinds of sexy underwear, but there are also many men’s and women’s couple suits for underwear for sale.If you are interested, you can learn about it.

8. Small Commodity Wholesale Market

In the small commodity wholesale market in Shanghai, there are many erotic underwear wholesale merchants, which are affordable, and at the same time, it is also a fun to go to Taotao.But be careful to look at the source to avoid buying fakes.

9. Baoxin Commercial Plaza

Baoxin Commercial Plaza is a sexual underwear wholesale market for centralized manufacturers, dealers, and physical stores. It is one of the wholesale markets in Shanghai, and the supply of merchants is very stable and the price is relatively affordable.

10. Nanjing East Road Pedestrian Street

There are many fashion elements and many underwear stores in Nanjing East Road Pedestrian Street, and there are also sexy sexy underwear.The two sides include specialty stores in major underwear brands in the market. The new products in the store are listed quickly, and different underwear categories will be launched for consumer demand in different periods.

in conclusion

Through the above introduction, we can know that there are a lot of sexy underwear wholesale markets in Shanghai. From Zhendan Clothing City to small commodity wholesale markets, and shops on well -known streets such as Hongqiao area and Nanjing Road, consumers can satisfy their own sexy underwear style., Price such as price, and the market competition is more intense. Consumers can compare the price in moderation and better protect their wallets.

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