Where can I sell sexy underwear in Chengdu

Where can I sell sexy underwear in Chengdu

As the consumer market of sex products continues to grow, sexy underwear has become one of the focus of people’s purchase.So, where can I sell sexy underwear in Chengdu?Let’s take a look.

1. Large shopping malls

Large shopping malls are one of the mainstream ways to buy sexy underwear.In Chengdu, shopping malls such as Taikooli, IFS, Vientiane City, Wangfujing, and Chunxi Road all have sex underwear or specialty stores.Consumers can buy various brand and style sexy underwear through these shops.

2. E -commerce platform

In addition to physical stores, consumers can also choose to buy sexy underwear on the e -commerce platform.On Taobao, JD, Tmall and other platforms, consumers with various types, styles and prices have a variety of types, styles and prices.

3. Spring Products Store

The sex shop specialty store is also a choice for buying sexy underwear.In Chengdu, there will be special sexy underwear areas such as Li Renli and Happy House.The sexy underwear here is not only a variety of varieties, but also the price is relatively affordable.

4. Women’s underwear shop

Similar to sexy shops, some women’s underwear shops will also have sexy underwear sales.This underwear shop will have more sexy sexy underwear, which is suitable for consumers with sexy and European and American style.

5. Supermarket or small sale department

If you need to buy some simple sexy underwear, you can also consider going to the supermarket or nearby sellers.There are some simple sexy underwear, which is more suitable for usual wear or cosplay.

6. Second -hand market

Some second -hand markets can also be found in Chengdu, such as the second -hand market of Sands. Here you can find many unique and cheap sexy underwear.

7. Private customization

For consumers who want to have a unique sexy underwear, private customization can be considered.In Chengdu, shops such as saying words, love kiss, etc. can provide various types of private customized services to meet consumers’ personality needs.

8. Independent designer platform

If consumers are pursuing more fashionable, unique and individual sexy underwear, they can go to the independent designer platform to buy.There are some more powerful designers on these platforms. Their sexy underwear is unique and the quality is better.

9. Brand store

For the sexy underwear of well -known brands, you can choose to go to brand flagship stores or specialty stores.At present, brands such as Ai Daixiang, Fragrant Yuan, and Victoria have sold stores in Chengdu.

10. Foreign Trade City

Chengdu’s foreign trade city is also a way to buy sexy underwear.Consumers can find some cheaper sexy underwear here, and it is also interesting to go with the factory.

In general, there are many options for buying sexy underwear in Chengdu.Different channels and platforms have their own characteristics. Consumers can choose the appropriate shopping method according to their needs and budgets.

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