What’s more fun underwear in flat chest?

What are the fun underwear in flat chest?

Women with small breasts should pay special attention when choosing underwear. The appropriate underwear can enhance their overall image, but the inappropriate underwear will look more obvious.When choosing a sexy underwear, how to choose to better show your advantages?The following will introduce you.

1. Try the parcel -type suspender bra

If a flat -breasted girl wants to enhance the size of the chest, the parcel -type suspender bra is a good choice.It is characterized by it can cover the entire chest, so as to create an illusion that makes people look more beautiful.

2. Try to have no steel ring underwear style

Steel -free underwear style is suitable for girls with flat chest, especially young girls.It is more comfortable, without the sense of restraint of the steel ring, it is easy to wear it and not feel the sense of oppression.

3. Select V -shaped underwear style

Flat breasts are best to choose a V -shaped underwear. V -shaped underwear has the effect of stretching the chest line. By concentrating the chest, the chest lines are more charming.Putting it can show its own advantages, especially when wearing a backless installation.

4. Move the attention of others

For girls with flat chests, the purpose of wearing erotic underwear does not necessarily lies in highlighting their chests, and sometimes it is also a good choice to transfer others.For example, choosing lace and folds such as rich and colorful sexy underwear, adding some details to the design can attract the attention of others, thereby reducing the influence of the chest size on its overall image.

5. Select the appropriate underwear style

For a flat -breasted girl, a correct size and cup -sized underwear are very important.If you choose a large cup, you will make your chest look more empty. You can choose the appropriate underwear on the cup to keep your chest close to the underwear as much as possible to create a round feeling.

6. Prefer to choose stretching materials

It is also important to choose the material that suits you.For flat -breasted girls, choosing materials with a certain stretching is a good choice.Such underwear can be wrapped in your body, forming an extended effect, and more beautiful lines of the chest.

7. Try the chest pad on appropriate occasions

The bras pads are not unavailable, but in specific occasions, it is indeed very useful.For example, when wearing thin dresses, thin shirts, etc., proper bras can help girls create a more confident image.

8. Choose the right color and style

For flat -breasted girls, it is also very important to choose the right color and style.Choosing a light color sexy underwear can make yourself look more delicate and cute; choosing a darker sexy underwear can highlight your sexy and charming.

9. Pay attention to cleaning

Pay attention to cleaning when choosing sexy underwear, because inappropriate cleaning can deform the underwear and affect the effect.For some lines of sexy underwear, hand washing is more appropriate, but for some simple sexy underwear, you can machine washing, but pay attention to the water temperature problem.

10. Find self -confidence in worries

Don’t blindly pursue the size of the chest, but also pay attention to your inner beauty and personality charm.Choose your favorite erotic underwear, discover your sexy, and don’t care too much about your deficiencies on the bust. It is the most important thing.

In short, for a flat -breasted girl, choosing a sexy underwear you like, following the above suggestions, can definitely show his own charm and win the appreciation and attention of others.

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