What will I wear?


Interest underwear is a kind of accessories necessary for modern women in sexual life. It can increase sexual interest and passion and make sexual life more interesting.However, many people’s perception of sexy underwear still stays on the surface. I don’t know what the sexy underwear is wearing under the model.

Chemical fiber underwear

Under the sexy underwear model, a chemical fiber underwear is often worn.The fabric of this underwear is relatively thin, and the breathability is good, which will not affect the appearance of the sexy underwear.In addition, chemical fiber underwear has a certain ductility and is suitable for different sizes.


Thong pants are a classic sexy underwear accessories, especially suitable for women who like to show their hips.It can highlight the sexy curve and make women more attractive.

Bib short

Sling pants are a more conservative sexy underwear accessories, but it can also make women more attractive and sexy.Tips are often made of lace or transparent fabric, which is more suitable for use when wearing transparent sexy underwear.

T -shaped pants

T -shaped pants are a very popular sexy underwear accessory in recent years. It is more conservative than thong, but it can also highlight the sexy curve of women.T -shaped pants are often made of lace or other fabrics.


Stockings are another important accessories below the sex underwear model. It can highlight the beautiful leg curve of women and make women more tempting.At the same time, stockings can also cover some leg defects, such as scars or varicose veins.

High heel

High -heeled shoes are shoes that are often wearing in sexy underwear models.It can increase the height of women and make the legs more beautiful.At the same time, high heels can make women more confident and temperament and more charming.

Lace jumpsuit

Lace jumpsuits are a very classic sexy underwear accessories. It can close the upper and lower body together to make women more beautiful.Lace jumpsuits are usually made of soft lace fabrics, making women feel more comfortable.

Tinye vest

T -club is a very special sexy underwear accessory. It usually uses transparent fabrics and is equipped with a thin thong.Ding Zi vest can highlight the sexy and temptation of women, making men want to stop.


Bid body is a very tight underwear that can tightly fix the body curve of women.Bid -body clothes can also play a role in the body, making women slimmer and more beautiful.


The accessories under the erotic underwear differently vary from person to person, mainly based on personal aesthetics and needs.However, whether you choose any accessories under any kind of sexy underwear, you should pay attention to hygiene and quality.Only in this way can we truly increase sexual interest and passion and make sex life better.

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