What kind of erotic underwear is good -looking?

What kind of erotic underwear is good -looking?

1. Find the right style

As a short man, what style of sexy underwear is more suitable for you?Try some simple and clear styles, such as the corset design of the shoulder -free strap, or the trousers of the waist design.These styles can lengthen your body proportion and show longer upper body and leg lines.

2. Choose a bright color series

The hot and sexy sexy underwear is born to enhance the charm and beauty of women itself.But choosing black or dark red is not necessarily the best choice.You should try jelly colors, bright yellow and light -colored sexy underwear. These colors can make you look more eye -catching and sexy.

3. Ladies’ style of sexy underwear

If you want to be more loli and ladylike, then choose a lady in lady, such as lace lace, lotus leaf edge, etc. It will be more suitable.These designs can better show your cuteness and softness, making you look more charming.

4. High -waist design underwear

The height of the panties and the position of the waistline have a great impact on the proportion of the short body.Try to choose high -waisted underwear to make the waist line visually extend, so that your figure looks more slender.

5. Sex design of see -through design

Funwee -designed erotic underwear will be relatively visual and suspenseful.You can choose a perspective material, black, light purple underwear with a strong sense of unity, or a romantic underwear style with the same color tulle.This choice is not only good -looking, but also makes you look more stylish and mysterious.

6. Fishnet cloth sex underwear

Fishnet cloth has a full sense of design, and a layered perspective effect can highlight your charming sex.The white or flesh -colored style will be more pure and natural than other colors, which increases the texture of temperament.

7. Brand selection

Choosing a good brand can also make your dress more temperament and taste.Some sexy underwear brands have designed a variety of exquisite styles for short men, which can not only make your figure more beautiful and natural, but also show your taste and temperament.

8. Support underwear accessories

If your chest is plump or sagging, choosing some effective support underwear accessories can also help you show your figure and lines better.Effective underwear accessories can make your chest more upright and stylish, making you look more confident and spiritual.

9. Material selection

The material choice of underwear is very critical for the body’s breathing and comfort.Of course, the visual effect also has a great reference value.At the same time, Roman silk and crystal silk with streamlined sexy texture and soft and comfortable sense are good opportunities.

10. Persist confidence

When choosing the style of underwear you wear, the most important thing is to adhere to the self -confidence and independent personality.Whether your height meets our standards, confidence and beautiful personality charm are always more important than any wearing.I hope you can show your most natural and true self in such confidence, so that your heart and wear are full of vitality and strength!

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