What is the triangle in the erotic underwear?

What is the triangle in the erotic underwear?

As a sexy clothing, sexy underwear is quite particular about design.As a component of sexy underwear, the triangular belt not only plays a beautiful role, it can also help improve the wearable experience and increase the functionality of underwear.In this article, we will understand the specific role of the triangle belt and its application and cooperation in the design of sexy underwear.

1. What is a triangle belt?

In erotic underwear, the triangular belt usually refers to the part of the bottom of the triangle.They are usually on both sides of panties or swimwear for fixed items.In sexy underwear, the triangle can be designed as a variety of different shapes and sizes to meet different wear needs.

2. The material of the triangular belt

The triangular belt of sexy underwear is usually made of elastic material. These materials can ensure the firmness and tightness of the underwear, making the underwear more personal, and can also adapt to the wearers of different shapes.Commonly used triangle materials include cotton, silk, polyester fiber, nylon and latex.

3. What kind of sexy underwear is applied?

Triangle belt is a very common design element in sexy underwear.Designers of sexy underwear usually directly associate the size, elasticity and shape of the triangle belt to the type of underwear in order to create a more attractive and functional clothing.

4. The shape of the triangular belt

The shape of the triangular belt can be changed according to the needs of the designer, and it is usually adjusted according to the overall design of the sexy underwear.Common designs include V -shaped, winding type and ultra -thin type. The purpose of these designs is to increase the beauty and firmness of underwear.

5. The size of the triangular belt

The size of the triangular belt depends on the style of sexy underwear and the support that needs to be provided.Generally speaking, the wider the triangle belt, the stronger the support provided, but it will be tighter and more compressed.The narrow triangle band will be softer and comfortable, but it may be lower than the support.

6. Coordination of the triangular band

Triangle bands usually need to be coordinated with other components in fun underwear to produce the best results.For example, the triangular belt in the underwear needs to be combined with the elastic band of the hips or legs to ensure that the underwear is strong and comfortable.In the bra, the triangular belt needs to be combined with the shoulder straps and cups to make the bra more supportive.

7. Modification of the triangular band

The triangular belt in the sexy underwear can be well decorated with the overall design style. The triangular belt is usually decorated with pressure flowers, embroidery or inlaid.These modifications can improve the attractiveness of underwear and make it more beautiful visually.

8. The role of the triangular belt

The main role of the triangular belt is to keep the underwear’s closeness and prevent underwear from falling off in movement or swinging.In addition, it can help underwear to improve support, avoid wrinkles and shapes of bras or underwear.To a certain extent, it also helps maintain the appearance of the entire sexy underwear.

Viewpoint: Triangle belt is one of the design elements that have a very important role in sexy underwear. It not only makes the underwear look more beautiful and fashionable, but also allows the wearer to get rid of the worries of the underwear and swinging.It is hoped that after understanding the role and application of the triangle belt, readers can easier to buy sexy underwear that suits them.

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