What is the little pearl in sexy underwear?

Understand the little pearl in love underwear

For those who like to buy sexy underwear, it must be unhappy for small pearls common in sexy underwear.So, what do these little pearls use in sexy underwear?Let’s understand one by one.

Improve visual effect

First of all, small pearls can play a role in improving the visual effects of sexy underwear.They are often placed on their chests or other parts, which can attract attention and increase the sexy level of underwear.

Stimulating sensitive areas

In addition to the aesthetic effect, small pearls can also play the role of stimulating sensitive areas.In some sexy underwear, the designer will add vibers or microcomputers on the small pearl, which can stimulate the wearer’s body and then increase the effect of increasing sexual stimulation.

Improve self -confidence

Wearing sexy sexy underwear can not only bring extra sexual stimulation to yourself, but also improve your self -confidence.There are often design of pearls or other small decorations in sexy underwear, which can make the wearer feel more beautiful and confident, thereby boldly expressing their emotions.

Applicable to different occasions

When choosing sexy underwear, we need to make different choices according to different occasions.Some sexy underwear specifically used for romantic and private occasions are more luxurious and luxurious, while the use of small pearls is more diverse.

Lace sexy underwear

The small pearls in lace sexy underwear are often relatively small and exquisite, and the color is clear. It is used to increase the romantic atmosphere of the underwear and make the wearer more charming and touching.

Sexy lingerie

Small pearls in sexy underwear are often larger, which can improve the effect of the chest and hips and make the figure more charming.

Gather effect

In some sexy underwear, the designer will add some small pearls to the chest to achieve the effect of gathered the chest, making the chest look more upright and plump.

Adjusting body temperature

In addition to the above role, small pearls can also play a role in regulating body temperature.When using fabrics such as silk, designers often add some small pearls in the middle of the fabric to regulate the temperature.

Increasing texture

The use of small pearls can also increase texture for sexy underwear.Good texture pearls are usually bright and gloss, which can add gorgeous and fashionable atmosphere to underwear.


To sum up, the little pearls in sexy underwear are not only for beauty, but they actually have a variety of effects in use.Although wearing sexy underwear is a personal private thing, the designers have created more diversified possibilities for choosing sexy underwear, allowing people to find a style and style that suits them.

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