What does your wife buy a sexy underwear?

1. Select the importance of buying fun underwear

Interest underwear is a sexy clothing that can add interest and fun to the life of the husband and wife.If my wife takes the initiative to buy sexy underwear, this shows that she is very concerned about the topic in this area.This also shows that she attaches great importance to the relationship between husband and wife and wants to increase the relationship between husband and wife through sexy underwear.What should be attached to the relationship between husband and wife relationship and sexual life should pay more attention.

2. Express your love for you

Wife’s buying sexy underwear also shows that she has a high emotional investment in you. She wants to show her best side through sexy underwear, attracts you to pay more deeply, and shows her love for you.She not only wants to get your appreciation and recognition, but also to get more love and attention.

3. Help to improve self -confidence

Men and women will feel more confident under the dress of sexy underwear, because at this time they will think they look more sexy and charming.For her wife, she will also be more confident after wearing sexy underwear, because she will think that her body can also exude a charming atmosphere.

4. Cause the attention of the opposite sex

The wife who bought sex underwear also expressed the desire to get the attention of the opposite sex and praise.This is not to say that she wants to derail or like humans, but to get more attention and recognition from the other half.Women care that their men think they are beautiful, and their beautiful and gorgeous sexy underwear is also a way they express emotions and feelings.

5. Show the sexy charm of women

Sexy underwear is focused on design, which aims to highlight the slender curve and charm of women.His wife chose sexy underwear, expressing self -confidence in her sexy charm, and wanting to present her charm to the most beautiful and natural state.She hopes that the marriage is happy and the husband and wife are harmonious. Therefore, this is a choice worthy of full support.

6. Modify the monotonous situation of life

Sometimes, the life between husband and wife becomes monotonous.My wife hopes to add some freshness and fun to the life of the husband and wife through the purchase of sexy underwear.Wearing different styles of sexy underwear can make love between husband and wife deeper and sweet.

7. Promote the spiritual communication between the two

In the Mexican love movie "Soul Ferry", Mexican director Guillermo Del Toro designed a way between male and female protagonists to make this method unique and romantic, that is to soak togetherEnjoy love novels in the bathtub.Wearing sexy underwear, which is similar to this way, can make two people enjoy life and share each other’s feelings and emotions.

8. Add the fun and interest of husband and wife

The fun and fun of husband and wife life need to be continuously updated, and choosing a comfortable way between husband and wife to activate the body, interests and life is very important.Interest underwear is a good choice that can inspire the emotion and psychological connection between husband and wife.When you see your wife wearing sexy underwear, you will feel excited and happy.

9. Experience many sex products active husband and wife life

In addition to sexy underwear, there are many fun sex products on the market, which can make the life between couples more interesting and surprising, such as sleeves, shock sticks, butterflies, etc.Choosing sex products suitable for husband and wife can add the fun and fun of life between husband and wife, and keep your love fresh and vibrant.

10. Conclusion

Wife’s selective love underwear is to present the best self and express your love and attention to you.For the life of husband and wife, this is a very good choice that can enhance the emotional connection between husband and wife and increase the interest of life.You can try to introduce sexy underwear and sex products between husband and wife to make the couple’s love stronger.

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