What are the often wearing sexy underwear?

What are the consequences of wearing sexy underwear?

Interest underwear has entered our lives and has become a fashion and culture, but some people often wear sexy underwear. Is there a certain risk?Let’s discuss the possible consequences of wearing sexy underwear.

1. Affect breast health

Breast health is very important for women, but if they are not worn, they may affect their health.

Generally speaking, sexy underwear rarely has thin shoulder straps or powerful leishes to support.Although it feels comfortable when wearing them, this sexy underwear may weaken your chest microcirculation during a long -term dressing process, which has a negative impact on your breasts.

Second, low shock -proof efficiency

Sports underwear manufacturers will invest more resources in materials and design to ensure the functionality of the product.Compared with erotic underwear materials, the materials of sportswear are usually thicker, more durable, and more compressed.Therefore, in terms of breast covering, sexy underwear is not ideal.

Third, cause allergies

Sex underwear is usually made of some special fabrics. There may be various chemical components in these fabrics, and allergic reactions may cause allergic reactions after close contact with the human body.The best way to avoid allergies is to choose sexy underwear with high quality and less allergies.

Fourth, damage nipples

Many erotic underwear design is very bold, even including some exciting elements.However, some of their design accessories may cause damage to the sensitive nipples that are accidentally pinched, causing chest pain or wounds.

Five, affect comfort

Wearing sexy lingerie can bring you a special feeling, that is, it is thinner than a camisole and more comfortable than the bellyband.However, if you wear too long and too tight, this feeling will disappear.If your sexy underwear has obvious stimulation of the skin, the comfort may become worse.

6. Affects skin breathing

Sex underwear may have a great negative effect on your skin’s breathing.Because it is usually made of various plastics, these plastics may not only cause bacteria to reproduce, but also cause skin uncomfortable.

Seven, cause discomfort when lying down

The comfort of sexy underwear when lying down or sleeping may be lower.Because it usually does not have better support for lying down, it may cause poor sleep during sleep.

8. Affects blood circulation

Wearing sexy underwear for a long time may bring you bad blood circulation effects.Because this sexy underwear is very tight, it may have a negative impact on the blood circulation of the lower chest.

In short, the consequences of wearing erotic underwear are not just superficial problems, but will directly affect women’s health.Therefore, we should choose sexy underwear with good materials and size, and insist on taking off their rest properly.

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