Taobao shop sex lingerie logo map


In recent years, there have been more and more Taobao sex underwear stores. Various styles and materials of sexy underwear have been listed in the market, which is dazzling.The logo of these sexy lingerie shops is so distinct, so that it is easy to distinguish the logo of each store.So, what are the characteristics of the Taobao store’s sex lingerie logo worthy of our attention?

Brand logo

Every boutique sexy underwear shop has its own brand logo. This sign is generally printed on sexy underwear. It represents the culture and quality of this brand.The design of this type of logo often integrates the brand’s concept, forming a unique logo.For example, some brands have a sign of femininity, such as women’s feet.This logo can enhance the sense of professionalism and brand image of the store.


The design of sexy underwear is often filled with various patterns.These patterns can not only attract customers’ attention, but also highlight the taste of the store.Classic patterns such as lace lace, skeleton, neon lights, colors, etc.These clever pattern design often become the iconic characteristics of boutique erotic lingerie shops.

Color matching

The color matching of sexy underwear is an important feature of it. The design of the store’s logo is often used in outstanding color matching.Some sexy underwear designers also flexibly use style and color in the logo design, such as black, red, white, pink and other classic erotic colors.This not only helps to establish a brand image of the store, but also makes consumers more familiar with the store.


The fonts in the design of the logo are also very important. It can not only show the personality of the sexy lingerie shop, but also let people remember this shop.The fonts of each brand are different. Some fonts show a comfortable feeling, while others express a sexy taste.This is also a manifestation of naturally forming brand culture.


The logo of the sex lingerie store often uses a specific background to express the concept of the merchant.This background will not only help the publicity and promotion of the store, but also make customers impress the shop as soon as possible.For example, some shops choose a black background, so that they can express the characteristics of sexy and publicity.


The design of letters often appears in the logo design of sexy lingerie stores.The abbreviations of the store name are formed by exquisite letters, creating the characteristics of the brand in the details, and collaborating with the slogan of the store to convey the product characteristics and service concepts of the store.


The design of the logo of sexy underwear is also very colorful.Some signs will adopt a very imaginative shape, such as colorful flowers, Rubik’s Cube, Russian dolls, and so on.This shape can not only attract eye -catching, but also shape special cultural charm for the store.

unique design

The logo design of the sex lingerie shop is also an important way for the store to show its own characteristics.Therefore, we must create a unique and creative logo design.This design can stand out from many stores, bringing more traffic and customers to the store.


Taken together, the design of the sex lingerie store is an important means to convey the brand culture and value.Reasonable sign designing helps to increase the brand image of the store and increase sales.Therefore, the seller of the sexy underwear store must pay attention to the design of the logo, let consumers remember the store, and form the transmission of brand culture.

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