Isn’t Halloween a sex lingerie show?

Isn't Halloween a sex lingerie show?

Halloween: a day to show you

Every October 31, people celebrate Halloween.Although this festival originated from the ancient Celtics, it has now become a global celebration.

Choose a Halloween dress that suits you

In Halloween, people will not only celebrate this festival, but also choose Halloween outfit that suits them.You can choose cute cartoon characters, popular TV series or movie characters, funny pranks, or sexy sexy underwear to show yourself.

Halloween is not a sexy underwear display

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However, some people will confuse Halloween and sexy underwear performances, thinking that this is a moment of showing their beautiful curves.But is it appropriate to do this?

The definition of sexy underwear

Sex underwear, also known as adult underwear, is a specially designed underwear. It usually uses materials with transparent and sexy elements to enhance the beautiful curve of the body and inspire eroticism.Wearing different styles, colors, and materials in different occasions can bring better visual effects and charm.

The use of sexy underwear

The use of sexy underwear needs attention. They are usually used for private occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Wedding, Romantic Night, etc., to enhance the feelings and intimacy between the two.Showing in business occasions and people, sexy underwear is not suitable for use at all.

When inappropriate, sexy underwear will cause embarrassment

If you put on sexy underwear on Halloween, you may be criticized and ridiculed by others.Because this will make others feel that you are just showing your body, not to celebrate the festival, which will only cause the embarrassment of the scene, not to make you cheer and applause.

Halloween’s excessiveness has been questioned

In fact, Halloween has caused a lot of controversy due to excessive clothes.In fact, the baby’s costume and the children’s Halloween dress should be interesting and innocent, but these innocent and interesting outfits are questioned because of being too sexual.


We should pay more attention

Therefore, we should clarify the significance of this festival and pay more attention to celebrating Halloween itself, rather than only focusing on clothes and body display.Halloween is a day that shows you, but it is not the day when you show your body, so please do not confuse Halloween with sexy underwear shows.

Halloween should be a more interesting and beneficial holiday

Finally, I want to emphasize that Halloween should be a more interesting and useful festival.Although some people choose to put on unique clothing and march on the street to celebrate this festival, we should also know our goals and avoid making ourselves a "vase" or "sexy symbol", but more put into the game, more in the game,In the competition and other celebrations.This can make yourself truly happy and cheered in this festival.