Is online sex underwear hygiene?

Is online sex underwear hygiene?

Is it hygienic online?

In the era of rapid development of information technology, more and more people choose to buy sexy underwear online.However, while enjoying the convenience of shopping, many people are also worried about buying sexy underwear and hygiene online.So, is it hygienic online?Next, we will answer it from several aspects.

1. What is the difference between online sexy underwear and physical stores

Today, more and more sexy underwear brands have opened official flagship stores online, allowing consumers to buy sexy underwear directly online.However, unlike physical stores, online shopping cannot feel the quality and size of the items in person. Consumers need to choose according to product pictures and size tables.

2. The distribution method of online sex lingerie

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Online merchants usually use courier distribution methods, and consumers need to clean them first when receiving products.When purchasing in a physical store, the store provides a trial service, and consumers can be worn directly.

3. Sanitary problems of online sex lingerie

Some consumers believe that sexy underwear is a relatively "special" category in underwear, which requires strict health and safety, but the sanitation of online goods is difficult to ensure.In fact, the formal sex lingerie brand will conduct overall disinfection and strict testing in the process of production and processing to ensure product hygiene.Consumers can also disinfect after receiving the goods.

4. The problem of refund of sexy underwear online

For reasons such as inappropriate sizes, inconsistent intentions, etc., it is inevitable to encounter it in online shopping.Before shopping, you need to carefully check the product details and size tables. If you buy, pay attention to selecting the right size to avoid tedious replacement operations.For sexy underwear that has been used, in general, online merchants do not accept refund.

5. The reliability of the purchase channel

When shopping online, consumers need to choose official flagship stores, mature third -party platforms, or well -known e -commerce platforms to ensure the quality of purchased goods and after -sales service.The online stores of illegal merchants may sell fake goods, sub -products or charges, or even have food and drug safety problems.

6. Consumers’ cleaning habits

When buying sexy underwear, consumers need to pay attention to personal cleaning habits and avoid transmitting the bacteria and viruses of sexy underwear to others or themselves.Wash the sexy underwear alone, disinfect at high temperature, and dry it to avoid blending with other clothes.

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7. Consumers’ personal hygiene

In addition to ensuring the sanitation of the goods itself, consumers’ personal hygiene also needs to be maintained.After buying sexy underwear, consumers should disinfect and clean in time to prevent the spread of the disease.

8. Selection of sexy underwear materials

There are a variety of materials for sexy underwear, and consumers need to choose the fabric material that suits them.Generally speaking, the material of cotton, hygroscopic sweats is softer to the skin, but it is more stimulating factors; fluorescent and colorful fabrics can easily cause allergies and skin irritation. You can choose as appropriate.

9. Time to take sex underwear

It also needs to be arranged reasonably when wearing sex underwear. Wearing opaque sexy underwear for a long time will affect the health of the lower body.You need to choose a style that suits you and adjust it according to the changing climate and climate change.

10. Viewpoint

Based on the above factors, online sexy underwear is not unhygienic, but consumers need to choose regular brands and intelligent platforms according to their own conditions. Pay attention to personal hygiene, cleaning hygiene habits, and time to wear sexy underwear and the time and time of sexy underwear.Way.Only on the basis of normal use and habits can the real value and sexual desire of sex underwear be realized.