Is it so ugly when wearing fun underwear?

Is it so ugly when wearing fun underwear?

What is flat chest

Flat chest refers to the flat breasts and lack of fullness.Because different people have different standards, there is no specific size to define flat chest.However, compared to their height and weight, flat breasts usually refer to women who are not prominent in breasts.

What kind of sexy underwear is suitable for flat breasts

The breast size of a flat -breasted woman is small, so it is not suitable for personal sexy underwear, which may make the breast flatter and lack a full feeling.On the contrary, we recommend that flat -breasted women choose a gathering, thickened or filled sexy underwear, which can make the breasts look fuller and more curved.

Gathered underwear

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The focus of the design of the gathered sexy underwear is to stick the two breasts together, close to the center, and form a deeper ditch to show the sexy charm of women.If you are a flat -breasted woman, gathering sexy underwear is your best choice, which makes your chest look fuller.

Thick underwear

Thickening sexy underwear can add a layer of mat at the bottom of the breast, increase the volume, and make your breasts look fuller.If you are a flat -breasted woman, then thickened sexy underwear will become your savior.

Fill underwear

Filling sexy underwear often uses some materials, such as sponge or gel filling.The sexy underwear of this design is similar to the thickness, but it only uses filling materials in a specific area of the chest.Filling -type erotic underwear can create more full breasts, richer curves and more sexy figure lines for flat -breasted women.

Sexy does not depend on the size of the chest

Although plump breasts have strong sexy power, this does not mean that flat -breasted women cannot have the same sexy.In fact, sexy depends not only on the size of the chest, but more importantly, the confidence and temperament you emit.

How to improve self -confidence

If you are a flat -breasted woman, wearing a sexy underwear that suits you can not solve all problems.You need to seek self -improvement to improve self -confidence.You can enhance self -confidence through wearing clothing that is suitable for your own style, exercise, maintaining healthy food habits, and participating in some self -improvement activities.


The beautiful heart is better than the appearance

Finally, we need to remember that the beauty in the heart is the most important beauty.A beautiful soul is more important than a beautiful appearance.Therefore, you only need to be firm and self -confident, maintain a positive attitude, and constantly exercise yourself, you can have infinite charm.


Women flat -breasted women do not need to feel uneasy to have sexy.Choose a sexy underwear that suits you to improve self -confidence, and firmly believe in your charm, so that you can get rid of the restraint of the traditional values of the outside world and truly show your unique sexy.