Do you want to wear sexy underwear for your husband?

Do you want to wear sexy underwear for your husband?

What do you need to consider if you want to wear a sexy underwear for your husband?

Wearing sex underwear is a common practice of many interesting couples or couples. It can not only increase interest, but also increase communication and understanding of each other.However, if you want to wear a sexy underwear for your husband, some need to consider:

He must pass through his consent

First of all, wearing a sexy underwear must be consent from her husband.Not all men like this kind of attempt, so before trying, you must communicate with his husband, understand his ideas, and get his consent.

Choose suitable size and style

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When you choose sexy underwear for your husband, you need to consider his size and her figure.If the underwear is too small or too big, it will not only affect his figure, but also affect sexy.In addition, you also need to choose a style suitable for him to ensure that he puts on comfort, relaxation, and confidence, making him more charming.

Know the husband’s preference

Knowing the preference of her husband is an important factor in choosing sexy underwear.In addition to choosing a comfortable size and a suitable style, you also need to choose the color and material that meets his preferences.Try to choose a sexy underwear that matches his personality and shape to better enhance interest.

Buy high -quality sexy underwear

It is important to buy high -quality sexy underwear because this underwear is usually very expensive.But it is worth spending some extra money to buy durable underwear.High -quality erotic underwear usually has better fabrics, better design and better manufacturing quality, which can ensure that underwear will not be damaged, comfortable and easy to maintain.

It is confident in wearing a sexy underwear

Once you choose a suitable sexy underwear, you need to put on it and show it in a confident attitude.Interest underwear is usually very sexy and exposed. If you are not confident, you cannot show its maximum effect.All men like sexy and confident women, so you need to let your husband know that wearing a sexy underwear is a behavior that requires confidence and self -esteem.

You need to pay attention to taking care of sexy sheets

The maintenance of sexy underwear is also very important.Because sexy underwear is usually very expensive, and manufacturing materials are usually more refined than ordinary underwear, so you need to take care of them carefully.According to the materials and brands of underwear, you may need to use hand washing or machine washing, and even dry cleaning if necessary.


Don’t force your husband to wear sexy underwear

Finally, you should never force your husband to wear sexy underwear.Try to show him your thoughts, but if he doesn’t like to wear, then you need to accept his opinion.This can also avoid unpleasant relationships.

Make sex underwear a part of the sex life

In sex life, adding sex underwear can increase changes and fun.It can make your relationship more solid and beautiful.However, you must pay attention to the above problems. Before wearing a sexy underwear for her husband, you need to communicate with him and obtain his consent. Choose suitable styles and sizes, understand his preferences, buy high -quality underwear, improve self -confidence, take care of underwear, and take care of underwear.Don’t force him to wear, make sexy underwear a part of interesting life, and enjoy the fun of love and life.