Can the security checks see a sexy underwear?

Can the security checks see a sexy underwear?


In daily life, sexy underwear has become the primary choice for many women.With the strengthening of security checks, many women are worried that they will expose their identity when wearing sexy underwear during security inspection.So, can we wear sexy underwear through security checks?

Basic principle of security check

First, we need to understand the basic principles of security check -in machines.The security machine is detected by the X -ray of the X -ray into the object, and then the composition and structure of the object is detected by receiving and analyzing the rebounded X -ray.

The material and ingredients of sexy underwear

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Sex underwear is usually made of elastic fibers such as polyester and nylon, and it also has iron and plastic invisible buckles inside.Therefore, the ingredients and materials of sexy underwear are not very strange for security checkups.

The appearance characteristics of sexy underwear

Although there is no essential difference between erotic underwear and ordinary underwear in terms of material and ingredients, the appearance characteristics of sexy underwear have obvious differences with ordinary underwear.For example, sexy underwear is usually equipped with decorations and various unconventional materials, and the shape is often strange.

The ability restrictions of security machines

Although the security machine has a strong ability to detect the ingredients and materials of the items, there are certain restrictions on detecting complex shapes and decorations.Therefore, if there is no unique decoration and material on the sexy underwear, the security machine is likely to be unable to find their existence.

Artificial inspection of security machines

In some cases, security checks are difficult to solve through computer reading.In this case, the manual inspection of the security check -in machine will play an important role.In the manual inspection, security inspectors usually judge the existence of sexy underwear through inquiry and observation.

Other precautions

In addition to the above problems, there are other issues that need to be paid attention to.In passing security, it is recommended that female friends should try to wear simple sexy underwear to avoid exaggerated or excessive decoration styles.In addition, female friends can also communicate with security inspectors during security inspections to solve some potential problems.

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in conclusion

In short, the wearing of sexy underwear itself does not have much impact on security checks.If you are not too complicated and unique, the security checkpoints are likely to be unable to detect their existence.Therefore, if you want to wear a sexy underwear while not exposing your identity, then it is recommended that you try to choose simple styles and communicate with security inspectors.